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About Us

The Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities is a full safety net organization that donates time and resources to help others in need due to a sudden illness or tragedy. Our charitable organization is more than a non-profit, it’s a way of life for the families and friends of Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical.

For each of us, it is more than being a firefighter, the friend or family member of a firefighter; it’s being a fighter for those who need help. It’s also igniting the spark of motivation in the community to raise enough funds and resources to make a difference for families in times of need, loss, and crisis. We are a tireless team of employees, family, and friends who donate their time and money to help others in the community.

We are a tireless team of employees, family and friends who donate our time and money to help others in the community.


We are driven to help you, in our community. If you have suffered a loss in your life, a sudden illness, or another tragedy contact us today for help. We have a wide variety of resources to meet an even wider range of needs. Together with the Network of Anthem Area Assistance Providers, we’re able to tackle just about anything you might be facing.

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Ask for Help

Sometimes in life we have time and resources to share, sometimes we need help to make it through the day.

If you need help, we know that asking for support can be one of the hardest things you do for yourself or your family. We want to make it easier by providing compassionate, caring volunteers to work directly with you.

The best way to connect with us for help is to fill out the “Request Assistance” form on the Anthem Network Area Assistance Providers website, which will introduce you and your needs to the entire network, including us.